2010 Residents

Hanalei Ramos and Jiny Ung
Neighborhood: Jersey City and Woodside, Queens
Medium: Oral History, Video

For their project, Cycles, Ramos and Ung will create a documentary-style animated short based on the oral histories of residents living in Jersey City, New Jersey and Woodside, Queens.

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Bayeté Ross Smith
Neighborhood: Washington Heights
Medium: Social Practice, Sound
During his residency, Bayeté will create a prototype for a larger public art project titled Boombox as Community Music. Through workshops offered at his local laundromat in Washington Heights, he will work with his neighbors to collect and record music and sound recordings that have personal significance to them. Bayeté's larger project will broadcast a series of musical mashups from these contributions.

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Tattfoo Tan
Neighborhood: Staten Island
Medium: Social Practice

Using the laundromat as a hub, Tattfoo will hold a series of workshops around creating a sustainable future through the cultivation of fresh produce. His workshops will offer lessons on composting, creating laundry detergent bottle planters and designing mobile gardens. Tattfoo will also host seed exchanges, a weekly free worm giveway, and competition for best mobile garden design from his local laundromat. All activities are designed to encourage environmental stewardship and bring awareness to the importance of organic and sustainable food sources.

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