2012 Works in Progress

From June to August of 2012 The Laundromat Project will lead a series of drop-in art workshops at The Laundry Room located on 116th Street between Adam Clayton Powell and Malcolm X Avenues and Studio Museum in Harlem located on 144 West 125th Street off of Adam Clayton Powell Avenue, both in Harlem.

This season WiP teaching artists Kiran Chandra, Katheleena Howie Garcia, Alice Mizrachi, and Rosemary Taylor. The Brooklyn-based organization Save Our Sreets Crown Heights held a summer festival to promote awareness of the fight against violence in the area, and invited The Laundromat Project to participate.

Below are brief descriptions of the workshops that were offered.

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S.O.S. Crown Heights | Arts to End Violence Festival
Led by Kiran Chandra
May 19
Kingston Ave b/w Dean and Bergen St, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Come out and silkscreen a t-shirt with The LP at the 2nd Annual Arts to End Violence Festival hosted by S.O.S. Crown Heights. The LP will help kick off the festival on May 19th. Bring the family and support the campaign to end violence in Crown Heights.
Bleach Batiking
Led by Alice Mizrachi
June 24
The Laundry Room, 143 West 116th Street, New York

If you have ever dropped bleach on a colored shirt, and thought “what now?” this workshop is for you. Inspired by the process of Batik fabric dyeing, participants use bleach instead of wax to create their own neighborhood-inspired tees. Use your imagination, a black shirt and bleach to design a t-shirt that reflects a part of your neighborhood, whether it’s a person or place, past or present.
The Art of Protest
Led by Kathleena Howie Garcia
July 2, Aug 12
The Laundry Room, 143 West 116th Street, New York

Have you ever wanted to see a change within your neighborhood? Did you want to share these ideas with the rest of your community? Using the tradition of protest art, this workshop allows you to make posters that enable you to do just that. Acting as the conscience of our community when leaders, institutions, or business owners accept and enable unjust conditions, you can make a poster to visually represent the change you want to see.
One Garden To-Go, Please!
Led by Kiran Chandra
July 8
The Laundry Room, 143 West 116th Street, New York

Though outside gardens are bursting with life and are important for the health of any community, they can take a lot of time and energy to maintain. Bond with your fellow neighbors as you make your own mini-gardens during this terrarium-making workshop. You will learn how to care and nurture for an herb than you can eventually include in your favorite summer dish.
Harlem Is… Personal Symbol Project
Led by Rosemary Taylor
July 15
The Laundry Room, 143 West 116th Street, Harlem

Draw. Cut paper. Roll ink. Layer. Repeat. While your clothes are on the spin cycle, you'll learn how to make meaningful symbol representing your neighborhood—Harlem—that you can also use as a stamp to repeat onto any surface. Using materials you can find at home and some poems for inspiration, you’ll be making your own collograph print in no time.
Go Fly a Kite
Led by Kiran Chandra
July 22
Studio Museum in Harlem, 144 West 125th Street, New York

With cultural significance in the Caribbean as well as other parts of the globe, kite-making has played an integral role in both Caribbean art and leisure time. As a symbol of restored hope or new life, kite flying has served as both sport and meditation. Join The Laundromat Project for an afternoon of Caribbean kite-making in Studio Museum's courtyard.

Image Credit: Quaker Peace Centre, 2008