Our Supporters

The Laundromat Project has been made possible through the generosity of the following organizations and individuals:

Laundromat Support

55 Roosevelt Laundromat
5705 Laundromat
Aqua Clara Laundromat
Blue & White Laundromat
Brown's Bed-Stuy Laundromat
Bubbles Laundromat
Clean Rite Centers*
Fulton Street Laundry*
GiGi’s Laundromat
Gold Star Laundromat
Ipanema's Corner
J & A Laundromat
JH Laundromat
The Laundry Room
Magic Touch Laundry Mat
Malcolm Hancock Laundry
Marmy Laundromat, Inc.*
Metro Wash
The Laundry Room*
Sara's Laundromat*
Super Clean
Top Star Laundromat
Victory Laundromat
Wash & Play-Lotto Laundromat

*Current Supporters