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“… The one place everyone does go (and one of the main places teens do hang out) is at the laundromat. It would be wonderful if there were some attractive, thought-provoking art to fuel conversations… and if kids could go learn to make art during the wash cycle…The Laundromat Project would make the neighborhood a different place--it could really build community and help kids discover talents and interests they might never otherwise know they have."

- former staff member of a Social Investment Fund
Here's what other people said about The Laundromat Project..

"You see a lot of these things happening and a lot of traditional things going away like libraries, city pools etc. These are the things [recreational/cultutral activities] that actually built New York City in the beginning.. taking them away or not participating in them will only make them all go away so I think it's [The Laundromat Project] something I’ll spread the word on."

- Harlem resident who participated in one of LP's Works in Progress workshops at The Laundry Room