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10 Years in 10 Days: A Note From Michael Premo and Rachel Falcone, 2009

Michael was a Create Change Resident in 2009 with The Laundromat Project, supporting our installation at Wash and Play Lotto Laundromat in Fort Greene. We had just started recording stories for our project Housing is a Human Right, a creative storytelling project about the dignity of a place to call home.

The laundromat was the perfect place to launch the project. It’s a place where so many different kinds of people intersect in a neighborhood, and a place where listening to audio stories makes sense. The laundromat itself added another layer of complexity to our soundtrack of stories: the hum of the washers and the conversations of people.

Our experience with The LP has shifted and transformed our practice as artists. A fundamental lesson we’re constantly relearning is how to actively listen and listen with deep understanding and intention to our communities. Process was always important to us, and now we are even more focused on how the process of telling stories can create connection, and show people how extraordinary they really are.

We are increasingly creating opportunities for co-creation. In an exhibition that The LP commissioned in Philadelphia, co-presented with the Asian Arts Initiative, we started to create ways for people to share and hear themselves added to the soundscape of the show itself, live as it was happening. Find out more about our projects with The LP, and more about our other projects here.

Please join us in helping The LP reach $40,000 by October 31 by making your donation below!

Thank you to The LP for all of your support over the years! We couldn’t have done it without you.

In support of community,

Rachel Falcone and Michael Premo

2009 Create Change Artists-in-Residence, 2011 Commissions Artists, 2014 SOAPBOX Honorees, 2011-2016 Create Change Faculty

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