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10 Years in 10 Days: Stephanie Dinkins, 2007

I was drawn to The Laundromat Project and what they represent as an organization.

I was drawn to The Laundromat Project and what they represent as an organization. As a visual artist who uses the power and potential of images to investigate subjectivity and social equity through moving image, community-centered projects, and installations, The LP’s values aligned with my own.


Through my LP residency in 2007, I built a bench made out of books that served as a stage for a public performance in which I quite literally sat and read. My Create Change project placed books at its center since the act of reading was quite possibly revolutionary in my Bed-Stuy neighborhood. The library had been closed for more than a year and there was is only one bookstore for miles (versus the bounty of bodegas, and liquor stores). Those privileged enough to spend time in cafes quite often do so with computers and ipods in tow…


But my story for The Laundromat Project’s 2016 People-Powered Challenge 10-day grassroots campaign is also not only that of an artist. I joined the board in 2012, and have remained actively involved to this day. Find out more about my project with The LP, and about my work as an artist here.


Please join me in ensuring art continues to bring attention to the pressing issues in our communities and neighborhoods by helping The LP reach their $40,000 fundraising goal by October 31 by making your donation at the bottom of the page.


To see the engagement on the part of the community and how the artists are utilizing their creativity to get involved in the conversation is pretty magical!


In community,

Stephanie Dinkins

2007 Create Change Artist-in-Residence and Vice Chair, Board of Directors


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