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Creative Action Fund


The Creative Action Fund (CAF), launched in April 2020, is a micro-grant initiative to seed the ideas and civic actions of our Create Change alumni network. This fund is a critical part of our vision to make sustained investments in our growing artist network through supporting their artmaking, leadership, and professional growth.

Meet the Artists

Cycle 2 CAF Awardees: December 2020

Bronx Fathers Project Resource Center
Bronx Fathers Project Resource Center is an online database of videos; workshops; lists of safe, free events and places; art therapy activities; mental and physical challenges; and engaging, fun, educational, and bilingual games that fathers can play to create good memories with their children during quarantine.

Dennis RedMoon Darkeem was a 2014 Create Change Artist-in-Residence with The LP. Visit his website to learn more about his work.

Island Table Series
Claro de los Reyes and the Atlantic Pacific Theatre (APT) will present “Island Table Series: A Play Festival Presenting a Menu of Short Plays Inspired by Global Cuisine and History.” Join APT for a Zoom theatre event that spotlights diverse playwrights creating drama in conversation with the living history of cuisine and food traditions.

Claro de los Reyes was a 2013 Create Change Fellow and 2015 Commissions Artist with The LP. Learn more about Atlantic Pacific Theatre here.

Kipi Recordante/Recording Kipi
Kipi Recordante/Recording Kipi is an artist book traveling across time and space with particular ritual instructions, meant to be harvested by the artists’ 8 nieces and nephews when each turns 18 years old. The book will be sowed underground, containing an array of visual and aural languages, including portraits of the artists and a record of their lived experience interwoven with interpretations of our current times.

Fernanda and Raúl were 2015 Commissions Artists with The LP. Raúl was a 2013 Create Change Fellow.

Film as Cultural Work: A Peer Study
Film as Cultural Work: A Peer Study cultivates a subversive space dedicated to collectivizing knowledge in filmmaking and cultural work. It amalgamates this political with the cultural—collectively developing a film teaching/learning curriculum that as extension of political praxis.

Ash Goh Hua was a 2018 Create Change Fellow with The LP. Learn more about their work. 

The Dream Exchange
In an effort to find common ground and begin the process of healing in The Rockaways—a community divided by economics, race politics, and culture—the artist will ask people in her community to share their dreams for their families, their community, and their country over Zoom. With their permission and their recordings, she will reflect the stories back to participants using art made and inspired by them.

Jennifer Jones was a 2019 Create Change Fellow with The Laundromat Project. Learn more about her work.

Let There Be Light
Dionis Ortiz will construct a kaleidoscopic abstract collage using enamel paint on vinyl floor tile patterns. Using materials that symbolize the immigrant experience and the varied skin colors in the artist’s family and Dominican community, Dionis will also provide opportunities for engagement through live artist talks.

Dionis Ortiz was a 2018 Create Change Fellow with The LP. Learn more about his work.

Nói (“speak”) explores five animated interviews of Vietnamese youth organizers and professionals in Houston, Texas. The interviews explore narratives in the third largest Vietnamese community in the United States.

Tofu Riot, aka Jiny Ung, was a 2010 Create Change Artist-in-Residence with The LP. Learn more about her work.

We Are the Fabric
“Whose labor is valued? It is often assumed that womxn of color artists must save the world and that we don’t need to get paid right, because our labor is invisible, underpaid, unpaid, a labor of love.”

We Are the Fabric employs digital and analog art-making and artworker organizing to render connections between womxn’s work and labor movements through a series of arresting mixed media collages, short videos, and memes to build womxn’s collective voice.

Katherine Toukhy was a 2014 Create Change Fellow and 2016 Commissions Artist with The LP. She was also commissioned in 2019 by The LP and Park Avenue Armory to create work—which included an iteration of We Are the Fabric—for the exhibition 100 Years | 100 Women. Learn more about Katherine.


Flatbush Mixtape
Flatbush Mixtape is an emerging neighborhood coalition that serves neighbors through relationship building, providing direct services, & knitting together existing networks.

Josiah Valle Ellis was a 2019 Create Change Fellow with The LP. 

Cycle 1 CAF Awardees: April 2020


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