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Meet April Hunt, 2017 SOAPBOX DJ

Get excited about our biggest annual party of the year, SOABPOX, by reading our recent interview with DJ April Hunt. April will play a full set at SOAPBOX 2017 event on May 31:


What is your bio in one sentence?

I mix a diverse musical palate that weaves through various genres and periods.


What’s your favorite sound, texture, or color?

Sound: Bass

Texture: Silk

Color: Black


Who are you are in community with?

This is a tough question. There are so many great people that I’m grateful to be within a community, I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out. To be honest, most of my community overlaps heavily with The Laundromat Project family.


Tell us about a musician, DJ/producer, artist, curator, activist, and/or project that inspires and influences you:

Twilite Tone as DJ/producer. Jasmine Wahi and Tim Goosens as curators. Rashaad Newsome and Derrick Adams (among MANY) as artists. Kiyan Williams as an activist. The Laundromat Project as a project, of course 😉


Can you tell us about your relationship with your neighborhood and how it may have shifted over the years?

I’m an East Harlemnite and I’m happy to say that gentrification is happening here much more slowly in comparison to West Harlem but I’m worried for how long that will stave off. Seeing black and brown businesses still in operation gives me hope.


How did you get started as a DJ? Can you tell us a little bit about what inspires you to keep doing this?

I started DJing after living in Mexico City for a while. My plan was to return back to the city after learning how to play. I got some equipment and taught myself but then got lured into New York, Harlem to be exact, by way of my older sister.


Nothing is more inspirational in a set than the crowd.


You’ve DJed many events including a few parties at Armory Week, Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation’s Gold Rush Awards, and Africa’s Out. What is one of your most memorable sets/parties?

Hmmm – that is hard! The ones you’ve pointed out had such good vibes all around. I had a recent set in Berlin as part of an afterparty for Rashaad Newsome’s exhibition. It was cool to play a trap set for a bunch of Berliners – they were living. 😉


What are you looking forward to most about SOAPBOX 2017?

Soapbox is always like a big family reunion. It’s a time to see all the people that I hold dear in one place.


Can you share with us a SOAPBOX lead-up setlist to get our guests excited, or provide a link to a playlist/mix that we can share:


Free-association—tell us the first word that comes to mind:




























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