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Katherine Toukhy, Salvador (Sal) Muñoz, and Salome Asega in Creative Conversation

Katherine Toukhy, Salvador (Sal) Muñoz, and Salome Asega in Creative Conversation.

2016 Create Change artists Katherine Toukhy, Salvador (Sal) Muñoz, and Salome Asega made a series of triptychs based on questions they asked each other around their work and creative process. Image response order: Katherine (left), Sal (middle), and Salome (right).


Who are you?



How do you define and build community?



How does your identity or story inform your work?



Who are your people?



What is your role in creating change?



What do you do for self-care?






Toukhyno, KatherineKatherine Toukhy (2016 Commissioned Artist) is a Brooklyn-based artist working in studio and in community. She makes collaged figures and installations to express collective herstories of diaspora and transformation. Her work has been supported by The Laundromat Project, Brooklyn Arts Council, Arab American National Museum, and has been shown at FiveMyles Gallery, The Center for Book Arts, The Charles Wright Museum of African American History, and Gateway Project, among others.



Munoz, SalvadorSalvador (Sal) Muñoz (2016 Create Change Fellow) is an artist and community organizer living and working in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. His work focuses on the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality.






iyapo1Salome Asega (2016 Artist-in-Residence) is a Brooklyn-based artist and researcher whose practice celebrates dissensus and multivocality. Through participatory research, she works collaboratively to build interactive installations and to develop odd wearables. She is the co-host of speculative talk show Hyperopia: 20/30 Vision on bel-air radio and the Assistant Director of POWRPLNT, a digital art collaborator. She has completed residencies at New Museum and Eyebeam and has participated in panels at Performa, New Inc, and the New School.

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