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Meet Awa, Program Intern

Meet Awa Dembele, 2015 Program Intern

We’ve been really fortunate to work with Awa Dembele as an intern over the past several weeks. Awa connected with us through the Brotherhood / Sister Sol‘s Women at Work program. Keep reading for a mini-interview with Awa and her reflections on her time working with The LP:


So, what made you decide to intern with The LP?

Well I was placed here at The LP because the application I filled out for the Women at Work program was mostly around creativity and helping others.


Do you have your own creative practice? If so, tell us more!

I mostly just write quotes and decorate the paper and add my own things to it.


Can you tell us about an artist or project that has inspired you?

One artist I like is Vincent Van Gogh because his art is really different and very colorful.


What is your favorite… film? …album? …food?

My favorite film is Titanic. My favorite food is pizza, ice cream, and chicken.


Where do you do your laundry?

I do my laundry across the street from my house.


In your opinion, why does art matter?

Art matters because there are people who don’t have any other way of expressing themselves other than doing art.


Awa also sent us this beautiful reflection on her time with The LP:


Where do I even start? Working with The LP has been a blessing. When I first started I didn’t expect it to turn out like this. Here at The LP everyone is one big family. They make sure everyone is up to date on what’s going on. I remember on my third day here when it was time for our Monday morning meeting, I wanted to sit out on it but they all wanted me to come over and join the meeting. That really stuck with me, because it made me feel like I was part of the team. Even though it was only my third day the staff wanted to bring me in.


Interning at The LP has taught me a lot, especially about art. I’ve been taking art classes from the 1st through the 8th grade, but one thing I didn’t know was that you can use art to help your community. When I hear about art I think about an artist painting or creating an art piece that they put in museums or sell. I also think about delivering a message through art, but it never occurred to me that you can use art to help people around you and do it in a fun way. This internship made me view art in a total different way.


Working at The LP was great—I really enjoyed it. Even though I haven’t worked anywhere else, I know that The LP will still be the best. I learned that even if I can’t be physically creative, I can be mentally creative, especially when I’m writing. Maybe my next story will be about interning at The LP. It will be dedicated to The LP. As Petrushka would say, “Every day is an interview.”



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