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Meet Kacy George, Development and Communications Intern

Get to know Kacy George, our 2017-2018 CUNY Cultural Corps Development & Communications Intern:


So, what made you decide to intern with The LP? How does the internship relate to your studies?

The Laundromat Project was one of the CUNY Cultural Corps community partners. Our professional and personal values of art, culture, and social justice matched us.


Can you tell us about an artist or project that has inspired you?

Kerry James Marshall’s retrospective Mastry at The Met galvanized me to see the work of artists’ works and the galleries that hold them as mechanisms for conversations amongst people with very different backgrounds.


What is your favorite… film?

Castaway… WILSON!



Funk Wav Bounces



Pizza, obviously.


Where do you do your laundry?

2 Blocks away from my house.

In your opinion, why does art matter?

Art matters because without it, we would not be human.



Kacy George is a Junior Digital Design + Advertising Student at The City College of New York focusing on the intersection of design and activism. He was born in Grenada and immigrated to America at the age of 10. Today, he dreams of making our world a fairer place and sees himself as an advocate of the hard-fought freedoms and liberties we sometimes fail to treasure.




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