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Meet Sallishah Ali, Program Intern

Meet Sallishah Ali, Program Intern

Meet Sallishah Ali, Program Intern!


So, what made you decide to intern with The LP? How does the internship relate to your studies?

While studying architecture, I have gained an interest in designing public spaces and how they affect the existing context and its inhabitants. I have learned that in order to create spaces that we all want to share and grow, ideas need to be implemented with the residents at the heart of the project.


Can you tell us about an artist or project that has inspired you?

Last year I attended the Mumford Lecture at my University. The speaker Theaster Gates was provocative and inspiring. His project called the Dorchester Projects was a series of reclaimed spaces of abandoned property. He didn’t see these abandoned establishments as a void in the neighborhood, but as an opportunity to create and give new values to the neighborhood.


What is your favorite… film? …album? …food?

One of my favorite films would have to be The Naked City (1948). It juxtaposes a murder mystery with the everyday lives of people in New York, which makes it intriguing to watch. I also have a knack for good directors like David Lean, Hitchcock and Miyazaki.


I always go back to Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs (2010). The sensation of nostalgia is a pleasant feeling.


I love pasta, the simpler the recipe the better!


In your opinion, why does art matter?

Art matters because it is a universal language that we can all speak. The message we create with art varies from person to person, each carrying a story, an opinion, a dream or a nightmare. Art allows us to tap into who we are and express ourselves to others as well. This communication is vital for our growth as individuals and communities.


Sallishah Ali resides in the Bronx and attends architecture school at the City College of New York. Her current interests include urban design, creating sustainable public spaces and historical preservation. Outside of the studio, I enjoy sketching in museums and writing in my journal.

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