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Meet Tattfoo Tan, 2018 SOAPBOX Honoree

On the occasion of The LP’s annual SOAPBOX Benefit, we’ve got five questions for the honorees, artists, and honorary chairs. SOAPBOX 2018 Honoree Rinku Sen has been collecting this series of interviews to profile fellow honorees, artists and honorary gala chairs to get to know them and their work. This content was originally published on Please visit Rinku Sen’s website for the original post. 


Tattfoo Tan is an artist who collaborates with the public on issues relating to ecology, sustainability and healthy living. His work is project-based, ephemeral and educational in nature. Here’s a glimpse into what makes Tattfoo tick:


Who is a person in history that inspires you?


Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus. They are activists and reformers in their time. Their ideas influence millions. See them without the organized religion that their name attached to.


How did you get started in the work?


What work? I just have fun discovery myself. I learn, practice and teach. It is a seamless process from life to art and art back to life.


Tarfoo Art


Who is your community?


LP is my community, my neighborhood is my community, ecology-minded artists are my community, I belong to many but not identify with none.


What is your superpower?


Surrender. It illuminates the mysterious journey you are on.


Tattfoo in studio


How do you think art can do more?


Art can do more or less depends on the needs of the world or community. See it as a tool, not every problem will use the same tool. See it as an identity, something you can embrace and disrobe. See it as a system, something that you subscribe to and you can update.


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