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Meet Tresell Davis, Board Treasurer

Get to know Tresell Davis, our Board Treasurer. Tresell joined The Laundromat Project’s Board of Directors in September 2016:


You’ve been a longtime supporter of the arts. What do you feel is your connection to the arts, and what attracted you to The LP and excited you most about joining the board?

I truly feel as if I am a daughter and a sister to the arts. Literally both my father and sister are visual artists so I just feel that both artists and art are kin to me and flowing in my veins.


What most attracted me to the LP, and particularly the LP board is the fact that this is such a loving group of people who are making art accessible to communities of color. I was so fortunate to have been totally engrossed in art as a child and I truly believe that the incorporation of art and creativity has contributed to my success in a profound way; so to take part in the LP is a huge honor.


You have an impressive career in retail merchandising, financial planning, and analytics, and have studied consumer behaviors, patterns, and market analysis. Can you tell us about an organization or project that was a particular highlight of your work?

There have been quite a few organizations that I have worked for professionally (May Company, Macy’s Inc., Ross Inc.) and within each of those organizations, I have studied financial and retail analytics to develop successful strategies. However I believe that the greatest showcase of my work has been the promotion and growth of my associates. As their manager, coach and leader, each project has given me the opportunity to lead by example through my integrity, work ethic, humility and optimism. There is nothing in my professional career that gives me greater joy.


Please tell us about an artist, curator, activist, or project that has influenced or inspired you.

My father has been one of, if not the greatest influence and source of inspiration in my life. As a black set painter and visual artist in the film and television industry, he had to overcome so many obstacles. He taught me and my sisters how to think creatively and how to be savvy and strong. He’s truly a hero.


Has The LP changed the way you think about art? If so, how?

As an adult, art and the “art world” just appeared to be so monetized and limited in access. The LP, has made art feel like home again—a familiar place built by love. It’s a constant reminder that art is for all people.


What’s The LP value that keeps you engaged in our work?

Community-Centered and powered by love!


What is your neighborhood?



What’s your favorite thing about it?

The feeling of being in a place where I am embraced and at peace.


What is your favorite book, film or song about NYC?

Book: Harlem on the Verge by Alice Attie


What song gets you going when work is hard?

HiiiPower, Kendrick Lamar


What have you been reading lately?

The Icarus Girl by Helen Oyeyemi


Where do you do your laundry?

At home


What’s your/a favorite food?

My mom’s Mexican chicken casserole

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