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2017 People-Powered $40K Challenge

Help Us Raise $40K in 10 Day by volunteering or donating now.

#CreativeCatalysts + #PropelledByLove + #CommunityCentered+ #PeoplePowered = #TheLPRecipe


Help Us Raise $40K in 10 Day!

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If you signed up as a People Mover already, here are instructions on how to set up your page.

What is The Laundromat Project’s recipe for community building and creating change? For more than a decade, we have been guided by #TheLPRecipe—our core values—in supporting artists and neighbors in NYC with the space, resources, and dedicated time to use art and creativity that is #PropelledByLove to celebrate their communities and address social justice issues.


Recent events around immigrant rights, civil rights, housing rights, and (un)natural catastrophes continue to impact many in the communities to which The Laundromat Project is connected—only making our mission and our special recipe more critical in these times.


With your help as a volunteer or your donation between October 28-November 6, The LP will raise $40,000 or more, so we can continue to nurture and support artists and communities across NYC. $40,000 over 10 days will help us support #CreativeCatalysts to continue creative and #CommunityCentered work in 2018.


We need your help to get the word out for our annual grassroots community campaign. Together through The People-Powered Challenge, we’ll fundraise through the collective power of our networks to support #PeoplePowered art and change to strengthen our communities.


Ready to Help Us Exceed $40K?

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Why Should You Participate in the People-Powered Challenge?

The People-Powered Challenge is The Laundromat Project’s annual 10-day grassroots community campaign where we fundraise through the collective power of our friends, family, neighbors, and social networks to support people-powered art and strengthen our communities by getting supporters, new and old, to invest with us in our work. This campaign is an opportunity to invest in our communities by empowering them with community organizing and fundraising skills. We provide growth opportunities for everyone through their participation in helping us reach our fundraising goal.


Help us surpass our goal of $40K by signing up now to do one or more of the following today:


Be a People Mover:

  • People Movers help us reach $40,000 by committing to asking 10 people or more (friends, family, neighbors, etc.) to give at least $10 each during the 10 days of the campaign. We’ll give you all the tools and resources you need to succeed!


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Support in other ways by:

  • Securing a prize for our People Movers, such as gift card to a business or restaurant, credit to a cool online shop, concert tickets, museum and other cool memberships or subscriptions (we can provide a letter template and our non-profit status document if you need it)
  • Recommending people you know who would be willing to sign up to fundraise for The LP, or forwarding this form and information to them.
  • Spreading the word about our People-Powered Challenge campaign through social media and other channels
  • Volunteering your time in our office to make calls to people movers and our donors to thank them


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How can I find out more?

If you have any additional questions, please email [email protected] or call 718-574-0798.


See how our collective power has built the People-Powered Challenge over the years:


10 Days

603 Donors

$45,685 raised!



10 Days

516 Donors

$35,491 raised!



10 Days

496 Donors

$27,696 raised!

Support the People-Powered Challenge today!


Support our People-Powered Challenge Campaign this year by


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