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Bianca Mońa

BMBZ (1)


Sonic experiences of community housed in community spaces

Artist Bio
Bianca Mońa is a lover of the arts and serves as an artist, arts administrator, curator, educator, and advocate. She is particularly keen on investigating projects that tackle the living histories of regular citizens who negotiate grand topics such as identity and heritage.

Project Description
This investigative project intends to expand and explore abundance in terms of spirituality, the process of birth, and vitality and wellness. Particularly, of interest, is how these things manifest throughout the Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn community. The project goal is to produce a series of sonic experiences, in the form of storytelling, to document the many interpretations of abundance. The vision is to interview doulas, moms, spiritual practitioners, and alternative medicine professionals, to explore abundance related to the development and giving of life along with the many manifestations of healing and spirituality. These sonic episodes would then be exhibited, in sound booths, in the common spaces of community partners.

What motivates you to do what you do?
I’m nosey. And really I like getting in peoples business. Equally, I’m always looking for inspiration and find that by capturing people’s stories.

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