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Rochelle Jamila Wilbun

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Movement rituals (dance, voice, traditional healing modalities)

Artist Bio
Rochelle Jamila Wilbun is a dancer, doula, and Reiki practitioner based in Brooklyn. Her path to the healing arts began as a child growing up in Memphis, TN where she learned the transcendent power of dance. Upon graduating from Columbia University with a B.A. in Dance and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Rochelle found Reiki, herbalism, and meditation as tools for wellness and transformation. Rochelle became a full spectrum doula in 2018 after learning about the maternal health crisis and wishing for better support and information during her own reproductive journey. As a dancer, she has worked with artists such as Ebony Noelle Golden, Jasmine Hearn, Ambika Raina, Maya Lee Parritz, Colleen Thomas-Young, and Beth Gill. Rochelle has shown work at Triskelion Arts, Green Space, Barnard College, and University of Amsterdam and taught movement workshops to people of all ages. Her art and healing practices are rooted in the legacy of radical Black artists, activists, mothers, healers and the Mississippi Delta. It is Rochelle’s heartfelt belief that wellness and spiritual alignment are all of our birthrights.

What Does Abundance Mean To You?
“Abundance means remembering we are children of this beautiful planet, and honoring our mutualistic relationship with the world around us.” 

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