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Seyi Adebanjo – Afromystic E.P. (Experimental Project)​

Afromystic E.P. (Experimental Project) explores the presence of queer, transgender, gender non-conforming, two spirit, and LGBTQ religious practitioners in Yorùbá/Òrìṣà mythologies and traditions through a series of workshop intensives and public readings. Afromystic E.P. explores gender fluidity in Yorùbá/Òrìṣà religious traditions in an attempt to empower a marginalized community that has been forgotten and overlooked. Project participants claim space within these stories by intimately analyzing and interrogating religious readings at public reading events. Afromystic E.P. inspires people to experience and access the divine love that resides within. The workshop intensives include interviews, Òrìṣà story-circles, story-writing, and embodiment with gestures/movements, and culminates with final activations in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

This project is for People of Color who are QTGNC, Two Spirit, or LGBTQ. Straight allies are welcome. Open to Yorùbá & Òrìṣà practitioners, West African traditional religions, and faith-based/earth-based practitioners in the diaspora.

Location: Brooklyn & The Bronx
Community Partners:
  • Bronx Academy of Art & Dance
  • Black Trans Media
  • Spaceworks NYC
Project Topics:
  • Spirituality
  • Storytelling
  • African Diaspora

Watch & Listen: “Afromystic E.P.” Playlist curated by Seyi Adebanjo

Project Resources

“This project is about people knowing that they are not alone, that they can bring all they are and all they need to Yoruba spirituality. People should walk away with affirming Orisha stories.”
Seyi Adebanjo, 2019 Create Change Artist-in-Residence

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