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Good Trade


About the Project

Good Trade re-creates the Native American custom of trade in an urban environment; allowing a mutual exchange between participants and creating a form of communication. Darkeem plans to document the exchange of stories and items traded through photography and video including a visual time line of the project for a photo book.



Dennis RedMoon Darkeem is inspired to create artwork based on the familiar objects that he views through his daily travels. He discovers elements in existing architecture and among everyday items found within the home. Ultimately, he sets out to express a meaningful story about events in his life and those found with the communities with whom he works. Darkeem utilizes different media in the creation of his work which allows great versatility and a rich viewer experience as the eye uncovers the multiple layers that often characterize mixed media art. Since his work as a professional artist has commenced in the early 2000s, it has evolved into critiquing social and political issues affecting US and indigenous Native American culture. Much of his art has focused on issues like institutionalized racism and classism, jarring stereotypes, and displacement of people of color. As a multi-media artist, Darkeem expresses these motifs through fine art, performance and photography.


partner laundromat

Longwood Laundromat (860 Longwood Avenue, Bronx, NY)


upcoming events

July 23–Oct 1 at Casita Maria (928 Simpson Street, Bronx, NY)

Trade Blanket exhibition (in tandem with residency)



The LP Interview with Dennis Redmoon Darkeem

Artist Website

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