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Rasu Jilani – Griots in ‘The Stuy’


Griots in ‘The Stuy’: A Neighborhood as a Living Archive is an ephemeral public art exhibition of photographs in Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bedstuy), Brooklyn, and an online archive of personal stories from Bedstuy residents about the neighborhood they call home. All portraits are taken by acclaimed photographer, Kwesi Abbensetts. Accompanying the images are excerpts from interviews conducted by artist-curator Rasu Jilani, highlighting the Griots relationship to the neighborhood.

‘The Stuy’ is a name of adoration given by the natives to the Brooklyn neighborhood. ‘The Stuy’ has a plethora of rich cultures, diverse people and compelling stories. This project allows people who live in the neighborhood the opportunity to author collective stories about their community. 

The LP Interview with Rasu Jilani

Project Website

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