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Harlem Motion

Fisher, Havanna

Havanna Fisher Newby, Harlem

Harlem Motion; Visual Arts & Film



For her residency project, Havanna uses a series of exploratory stop animation workshops as a vehicle for Harlem community members to create, share their stories as well as connect with neighbors in the midst of a changing Harlem. This project culminates via the Harlem Barbeque Summit a public screening of the stop animations created, a short film of the process as well as a community talk-back.



Havanna Fisher Newby is a budding interdisciplinary artist from Harlem who works across the fields of design, performing arts and film. She has a profound interest in using her skills and gifts to combine the arts with education to bring about political awareness and thus probable change within the American landscape of ideological identity as well as creating a holistic approach to living life together.



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