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Gabriel G. Torres – Haus of Dust

Gabriel G. Torres and collaborators will facilitate Haus of Dust, a three-pronged project to support and educate Queer Latinx communities struggling with substance use in the Lower East Side. Working alongside social workers, neuroscientists, and queer community leaders, Haus of Dust will encompass an online resource platform, a garden installation, and an immersive theatrical experience. Utilizing both data and personal stories, the online platform—designed as a series of interactive games—will destigmatize conversations around substance use in the community, the platform will also serve as a cognitive interaction to provide anxiety relief and stress relief. The garden—installed inside of partner organization The Loisaida Center—will provide a therapeutic greenspace, and create community programs on a long term scale, while the virtual and onsite theatrical experience will explore substance addiction and trauma through a Queer Latinx lens. Haus of Dust is also supported in part by The Stonewall Community Foundation

Visit the Haus of Dust project website.

Image: The Bearded Woman, performance, Gabriel G. Torres. A person in a red dress stands on a red catwalk, holding the ends of curtains draping downward from the ceiling.

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