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Housing is a Human Right

*Nov 04 – 00:05*

About the Project

Michael’s project Housing is a Human Right was a multi-media documentary portrait of the struggle for “home” in New York City. The project collected and shared first person stories of “home,” community and ongoing efforts to maintain or obtain affordable housing, celebrating our common desire for a place to call home. The on-going project kicked off with an exhibition of images and stories in sound at Wash and Play Lotto, a laundromat located at 81 Lafayette Ave. between S. Elliott St. and S. Portland St. in Brooklyn. Housing is a Human Right was produced by Michael, in collaboration with Rachel Falcone with audio montages by turntablist DJ Oja Vincent.



Michael Premo is dedicated to documenting, portraying, expressing and celebrating so-called underrepresented voices. Through various mediums, including but not limited to theater, audio/radio, print and photography he seeks to create a stage for the expression of stories from neglected communities and marginalized perspectives.


Michael has collaborated on the creation and production of original work with The Civilians, EarSay, Inc., the Hip-Hop Theater Festival, and alongside Penny Arcade he was a founding producer and curator of The Globesity Festival: Hunger Strike Theater, a festival commissioning and presenting original performances exploring the objects and ideas we buy and buy into. He traveled across the country recording and facilitating interviews for StoryCorps, a national project dedicated to recording, in sound, stories of everyday people, and StoryCorps Griot, an initiative to ensure that the voices, experiences, and life stories of African-Americans will be preserved and presented with dignity. As an actor he has performed in New York and Regionally.



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