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Lizania Cruz – We the News


In the midst of an era fueled by generalizations and incendiary rhetoric, how do we share immigrant stories in a way that is reflective and representative of their complexity and humanity? In her project We the News, 2017–2018 Artist-in-Residence Lizania Cruz amplified these unique stories via a physical pop-up newsstand. Traveling initially around Bed-Stuy, and later around greater NYC and beyond to Miami and Pittsburgh, the newsstand distributed bilingual zines created by immigrant communities affiliated with local partnering organizations.

Historically, zines have been a medium of communication within subcultures and a tool in activist movements and organizing. To produce the We the News zines, which focused on stories of Black American immigrants’ traditions and rituals, Lizania co-hosted a series of story circles. The story circles were spaces of sanctuary, using narrative and language to unite, empower, and build community.

Community Partners:

  • Black Alliance for Just Immigration
  • African Services
  • Angela’s (a Caribbean Restaurant)
  • Jenkins Johnson Gallery
  • Word Up Community Bookstore

Read: We The News

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