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Bianca Mona – Wholeness Manifested: Sound Art Pop-Up Event​

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Community Partners:
  • Feeding Tree Community Garden
Project Topics:
  • Wellness
  • Spirituality
  • Oral History
  • Storytelling

Wholeness Manifested: Sound Art Pop-Up Event aims to explore how alternative medicine professionals, mothers, doulas and spiritual practitioners access wellness in their spiritual and healing practices. For her project, Mońa transforms the space of the Feeding Tree Community Garden in Bed-Stuy into a wellness refuge where she shares the oral histories of wellness practitioners she has interviewed over the course of her residency. Mońa shares these oral histories as sonic experiences which she exhibits throughout the garden. The garden space becomes a space for rest, reflection and contemplation that activates the sense of spiritual transcendence. In Wholeness Manifested: Sound Art Pop-Up Event, Mońa explores the amenability of storytelling through the medium of sound, where interviewees are indeed the experts of their own experience.

WHOLENESS Manifested Flyer REVISED for Bianca-01

Watch & Listen: "Wholeness Manifested: Sound Art Pop-Up Event" Playlist curated by Bianca Mońa

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