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Rahviance Beme and Shamilia McBean in Creative Conversation

On a Sunday afternoon in Marcus Garvey Park, Rahviance and Shamilia discussed their relationship to shifts and changes...

On a Sunday afternoon in Marcus Garvey Park, 2016 Create Change Fellows Rahviance Beme and Shamilia McBean had their culminating discussion on SHIFT—a rising theme from their previous encounters—and they had several ideas about how to discuss the topic. However, what kept bubbling up was their relationship to shifts and changes. During an hour and a half spent together, they opened up a creative space for themselves to muse aloud, doodle, and scribble thoughts. Occasionally, community members, including children on the playground and Harlem Arts Festival attendees, came and observed or chimed in with their ideas about SHIFT too.


Below are four questions and multimedia responses born from their discussions. As you go through their creative conversation, Rahviance and Shamilia invite you to think about “what comes up for you when you consider SHIFT?”


1) Change is not risk free. What words/drawings/expression comes to mind when you hear that?


2) How does change affect you? How, if at all does it show up in your artistry?


3) When you hear SHIFT, what are your expectations? what are some characteristics that you feel the results should have?


4) SHIFTing happens all the time… sometimes we are in control, and other times, it’s happening around us. During this period of shifting, are you adding or taking something away from your space? How do you see this affecting you in the next 2 years?


Things that came up during their time together:

  • A community member offered that a SHIFT is just a nudge toward the change you seek.
  • They considered whether a change requires a declaration to the world, or if it is just as powerful, or more-so in decisive silence.
  • Where does internal and personal change stand as we consider and create external, communal change?


The visual fruit of the discussion (in 21 delicious, time lapsed, seconds):






Beme, RahvianceRahviance Beme is a true and thoughtful creator and artivist. She uses all of her personal and artistic gifts as she travels the world — happily sharing her personal journey and discoveries, through art.




McBean, ShamiliaShamilia McBean is a community arts practitioner using theatre, herbalism, music and the written word to co-create liberatory spaces in her community. She supports educators and community workers with drama to develop engaging, holistic educational methods.

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