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At The LP, we’re building a resilient institution for artists and communities of color, those who understand that creativity can change the world—and, most importantly, their local communities—for the better.

Over a two year period, we engaged in an extensive and intentional process of deep listening, field and community-wide learning, and exchanging of ideas to develop the framework for our Strategic Vision. Through this collaborative process, we established three key goals for The LP during this period of vitalizing growth: to Amplify and Deepen Knowledge, Foster Collaboration and Accountability, and Catalyze Networks.

Following this road map, we will do things like: publish an LP sourcebook & workbook; institute a Creative Action Fund to seed risk-taking, change-building ideas; introduce public weekend intensive iterations of the Create Change program to expand access to LP tools and pedagogy, and more.

This vision gives us a solid framework for programmatic and organizational growth through 2022. During this period, we will help shape and grow a POC-centered movement of artists and neighbors whose experiences with The LP give them the knowledge, tools, and networks to use their own creativity to facilitate ideas and actions that lead to positive change in their lives and communities. We are committed to supporting their artmaking, community building, and leadership development in order to build a thriving ecosystem of change agents for generations to come.  


Since our beginning, The LP has centered the voices, cultures, imaginations, knowledge, and leadership of people of color (POC). We do this to push against complex systemic injustices in pursuit of a world in which all people––across race, ethnicity, class, age, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, disability status, and migration status––are free to be their whole selves.

As we mature institutionally, we strive to more fully articulate how and why we do our work. We start from a place of bold visioning so we can help build the world we want to see. We manifest being POC-centered as an ongoing organizational practice rooted in philosophies of political solidarity. By establishing a set of POC-Centered Principles, we have created a guide––a living document––outlining what being POC-centered and intersectional means to us. We expect these principles to strengthen and evolve over time.

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