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Responding to COVID-19:
Self and Community Care with The LP
Resources to Stay Connected and Support Each Other
Why Should the Census Matter
to Our Communities?
An Interview with Kemi Ilesanmi

About Us

The Laundromat Project is an arts organization that advances artists and neighbors as change agents in their own communities. We make art and culture in community while fostering leadership among our neighbors through our celebrated Create Change artist development programs, and our creative community-building initiatives across New York City. The idea of a laundromat as a primary place for engagement has expanded over time. It now serves as a metaphor for a variety of settings in which artists and neighbors transform their lives and surroundings. This includes community gardens, public plazas, local cultural organizations, and more.
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Directly invested since 2005 in over 160+ multiracial, multigenerational, and multidisciplinary artists, 81 innovative public art projects, 3 diverse anchor neighbors, and 1 creative community hub while engaging 38,000+ New Yorkers.

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