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Tasha Douge



Radio, Curation, Mixed Media

Artist Bio
Tasha is a Bx Bred cultural vigilante using art to disrupt and destroy systems that don’t serve her community. Her art also serves as a bridge to connect, a megaphone to amplify voices and a portal to spaces where we can just BE.

What motivates you to do what you do?

My purpose spirit is a guiding force. I feel connected to the Ancestors. I’ve watched voices dwindle to mere whispers. So getting to use my big mouth and my hands to help those around me is fulfilling. I’m not perfect, but taking risks, being fearless is an example for the next generation of leaders and the community.

Tell us about a place in your neighborhood that is meaningful or special to you.

Dyre ave by the 5 train. It is the last stop and also the first stop. It’s across the street from my old elementary school. Also because Mario’s pizza is still there and my friend has a business two doors down. That block represents the past, the present and all the possibilities.

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