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Terry Marshall

Terry Marshall

2020 Create Change Fellow

Brooklyn | Mixed media, installations

Artist Bio
Terry Marshall is a first generation American activist, artist, cultural producer, trickster, and creative entrepreneur. Born in Boston to immigrant parents from Barbados, Terry is committed to harnessing creativity and radical imagination of diverse black communities for Black Liberation. His creative practice involves using world-building and Pan-Afrofuturism to create transformative experiences of liberation. As a creative entrepreneur and a member of the Intelligent Mischief creative studio, Terry develops innovative cultural projects that shift culture. As a third culture creative his projects amplify perspectives and integrate vision in unique ways. Terry’s work also involves bringing creativity and design to social justice organizing through visioning workshops, festivals, and speaking engagements.

What Does Abundance Mean To You?
“A mindset that there is enough for everyone. That richness is found in love and hope which are replenishable resources.”

Artist Website

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